The Hightime augmented reality app offers you the artful essence of Zurich
Press Release Dazlus AG, Zurich, Switzerland, December 15 2020
Thehightime’ app, just released globally on iOS and Android, lets you stage a fabulous, comical and musical Zurich city parade in 3D augmented reality. "Augmented reality art and entertainment on mobile devices will be a major new market with $5-10 billion global revenue potential within the decade. ‘hightime’ expands the boundaries of what the market currently has to offer: with an action-packed four-minute augmented reality drama and full flexibility in staging the show anywhere at any height, distance or angle you want." says Felix Barber CEO of Dazlus AG, the Zurich based developer. The ‘hightime’ app transports you to Zurich and brings its familiar localities to life for you in augmented reality. See the city colours and silhouette on the ‘hightime’ clock-tower, and encounter the Züri Leu, the city emblem lion. There’s luxury goods, financial trading, Swiss cooking, guildsmen, ravers, lakeside bathing, road works, dogs and flying e-scooters. They’re battling to overcome tricky topical challenges and fantastical adversities. Then, they have fun.In addition to watching the parade, you can take out the striking 3D art cartoon characters from the parade, position them separately and share vivid images of them with friends. "We even have a special Christmas version of the parade playing from 24th December to the end of the month" says Felix