An augmented reality cook tossing a fish from a pan
Every important tourist destination has a unique combination of work and play activities across the seasons of the year. And a set of characters and landmarks that embody the artful essence of the place. Hightime brings them to life for you in interactive 3D AR animated film and sculpture. To market and enhance the value of attractive locations, Hightime uniquely combines
  • Entertainment: 3D AR animated film show, a playful "ride" capturing the artful essence of the destination
  • Art: 3D character models from the show to spawn in AR, position, take photos and share
  • Information: Tour routes themed around the show's characters, with maps, fun tips and basic facts about local attractions
  • Play: Use controls to interact and keep pace with the 3D AR show, and choose where, when and how to augment reality
See the link below for our technical pilot Zurich Hightime Tours and our new release Munich Hightime Tours