Augmented reality is transforming tourist destinations
"Artainment" events in public spaces - fireworks, carnival, theatre, Glockenspiel, light shows, Christo wrapping, etc - are highly popular. To date, such events have been temporary and expensive. AR makes artainment available at any time at almost no cost. It requires no physical structures, no people and no permissions for performances. You can stage an event for yourself, when and where you like. You can take photos and videos of your performance from any perspective or angle - AR objects are there in 3D -and share them with your social media friends.
Transform your destination with Hightime
Each Hightime mobile app is an augmented reality theme park designed specifically to promote your destination. Take an interactive smartphone “ride” in 3D AR that reveals the artful essence of the city or resort. Spawn and view the animated 3D AR characters from the ride independently. Let each take you on their own special tour of the destination. Snap the characters on your tour and share the fun on social media. Hightime can be viewed and enjoyed anywhere on your smartphone or tablet. But the ride, the characters, and the tours are all about the destination and deliver full value only after arrival. Together, let's develop a Hightime app to enhance your destination!